Host a Poker Night at Home


When it comes to poker advice, most of it is about how to play it online, how to win at poker, and different strategies on how to make money on your poker playing. But playing cards is not just for competitive play – it can be a social activity as well. This article will help you with setting up a poker night at your place, where the game is played for laughs and enjoyment rather than money and fame.

First of all, invite some friends you feel comfortable playing with. Some people can get very competitive even when in social situations and you will quickly figure out who. They can be fun and make the game interesting, but can also steal focus from the enjoyment of others คาสิโน. Bad losers, rulebook-maniacs and high-betters are in this category as well. You want people who know the game enough to play it, but at the same time not take it too seriously.

A good tip is to bet a small amount of money into the poker game even though you are just playing for fun. This way, there is still some small amount of prestige riding on the game – otherwise you could all just go too crazy with your bets. The excitement disappears if there is no tension in calling bluffs, raising stakes or in other ways using your poker face.

Serve something to eat! Poker games can go on for a while, so it is smart to have some snacks ready. The same goes for drinks as well and maybe a cigar, at least for the winner?

Lastly, make sure there is something to do for the people not currently playing. Sitting at a poker table when everybody else is playing can get boring and frustrating, so be sure to talk to everybody at all time or set another table up for people to hang by when they are out of the poker game.

And remember to have fun! Poker can be a serious game for big stakes players, but you are not one of them (at least for the night). Make sure that you and your friends enjoy your evening together, not that you leave with a million dollars on your pocket!

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