Paintless Dent Removal Contractors in Need at a Niche Market


PDR Tech Earnings – Truth or Fiction?

Yes, that is right – that the claim made by a few PDR Technicians are that a seasoned PDR technician can make up to surgeons! The paintless dent removal market has been around for the past 30 decades in Australia and not many know about its presence! I’d guess that very few – maybe 1 or 2 percent of Australians have heard of this business. Knowledge of the ones that do will be frequently obscure – speaking to ‘sucking on the scratches out’. The sector has improved technologically!

When asserts that there are those who train for as much as a couple of years and start earning such cash within five decades, the response can be swift and aggressive. I’m often met with blank looks – buddies politely nod and smile knowing that I do not tell lies. Regrettably few if any take the promises

After all how do this type of industry exist for a long time rather than appear to look from the media? How do people not understand about it by word of mouthwatering! The paintless dent removal market has been quite secretive for many years and intentionally so! Why would anybody want other people to understand what you’re making let alone!

It might surprise you that really the press has reported on this business. Following the contentious claims of Terrible practice by

“overseas hail chasers” were created following the 2011 Christmas Day Melbourne hailstorm. Assess The Age news newspaper. Really it had been this media hype which consequently place the paintless dent removal sector to the spotlight!

“… One estimate puts chasers’ earnings at $5000 to $10,000 per week. It is all pocketed, without the insurance prices to pay, no office premiums, no tax paid, no obligation.”
No matter the post set out to reach finally underestimated the public response. Enquiries into PDR training dropped!

Surgeons versus PDR Technicians
Analysing the earnings of the medical profession quoted by Company Insider – $250,000 to $500000 annually. Let’s not overlook that the investment into education and the decades to arrive! Only the price of schooling can sum to $10,000 annually following HECS! We haven’t accounted for insurance. OK fair enough, PDR Technicians at the infancy of this sector paid between $10,000 to $40,000 for coaching or a company franchise at paintless dent removal market. Currently however, the price of training PDR technicians have come down much to as low as $2900 to get a 5 day PDR Course. Could it get any lower? Maybe in the near – now it’s stabilised restricted by the earnings of those PDR technicians. For now, any lesser than that and PDR technicians can also simply repair a vehicle instead of train other people – they could make more!

Paintless Dent Removal Earnings may be Significant
Dwelling into exactly what paintless dent removal is and their earnings – just put, it’s the art of removing dents with no necessity of painting the motor vehicle. The concept is that maintaining the original factory paint function is crucial. PDR technicians finish an ordinary hail damaged car in a day. OK so how do a PDR Technician clear 250K each year?

Think about a quote on a normal automobile being roughly $2000-3000 through a hailstorm. Between 60-70 percentage of the quote goes to the PDR Technician. So even averaging $1000 daily to underestimate it throughout lost time, you’re speaking $200K to $5300K each year!

Still not convinced? OK so many people can’t leave their loved ones and chase hail across the nation? There needs to be an understanding between partner and PDR Tech to allow them to go away for months or months at a time never visiting their loved ones!

The PDR Tech and Retail Sector Earnings
Well there’s the retail market also. In the retail industry, paintless dent removal technicians contract into auto sales yards, auctions, automobile rental fleet automobiles and the personal customers to get rid of accidental vehicle damage like car door and park scratches. Though this generally requires more effort to come near the bigger earnings by hail fix criteria, it can be gained! This is why…

The typical rate for fix of a single dent being80 to $130 per dent based on size or problem (not over-inflated when contemplating call out charges for electricians and technicians). Fix 1 dent and cost much $80. Fixing 5 scrapes per day leaves you400! 1 dent sometimes takes a couple of minutes to 20 moments to fix based on expertise. So hypothetically, one customer can net $146000 annually! It’s not unusual to receive several customers in daily but not daily. But considering repeat customers as well as the strange customers who desire their automobiles ‘clean’ of scratches (cars will be the next most important product in Australia), and also additional referrals at a fantastic PDR tech, the numbers begin adding up to this amount of250k each year. And let us face it, and you also check yourself next time you’re stuck in a traffic jam, and check out the side of these automobiles for dents – you’ll be amazed to learn how many dents you will find about you! One in three readers of the guide ought to have a dent in their automobile…

Who qualified for paintless dent removal?
The next most frequent question I get asked is when I’m not a panel beater, does this matter? The solution is no. Well, yes, a panel beater has understanding of vehicles – versions, panels, components – that they invest four decades minimum learning the transaction at TAFE and via apprenticeships. But do spray painters. How about mechanisms and their understanding of automobiles. Throw in auto-scratch repairers, automobile detailers, window tinters and paint protection technicians. Yes, panel beaters will be the most common customers for paintless dent removal training classes. However, PDR classes can embrace other relevant transactions.

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