Rack ‘Em – Choosing The Right Pool Balls For Your Game


Any good pool shark or pro player knows that the balls you use affect your game. A bad set of pool balls can make even a professional grade pool table play sloppy pool. You want to get balls that are right for your game, your table speed and the amount you will be playing. A bar room set of pool balls in constant play has to be able to withstand the time on the table. A set of tournament balls only brought out for special occasions won’t take quite the same beating, but they have to have perfect balance for the pros that will be using them.

The most famous pool balls in recent years are Elephant Balls. They have been the balls of choice for ESPN tournament billiards featuring star players like Allison Fisher, Karen Corr and more. Their most popular model is their line of Beautiful Balls, which has a nice marbled look to each color and stripe. They show nicely on television, and they aren’t too expensive for the home pool room set.http://pool-8-ball.co.uk

Elephant’s Beautiful Balls aren’t the only set of custom pool balls out there. You can get billiard balls in just about any theme now, from camouflage to balls that glow in black lighting for play in the dark. These themed pool ball sets make fantastic gifts for the pool player who already has everything, and can be the centerpiece for an unusual pubic table as well. Some bars even use the black light reflective balls for rock and roll themed pool tournaments similar to rock and bowl nights held at bowling alleys.

No matter what kind of custom billiard ball you might purchase, you always need a set of standard billiard balls on hand. There is always going to be a need for them. Some people have trouble playing with the custom or patterned billiard balls, and some are sticklers for tradition when it comes to tournament play. Having a nice set of standard balls on hand will help avoid any issue with pool tournament or practice game results. The biggest difficulty is in choosing the right set.

If you do your homework, you can find a nice set of professionally balanced and weighted balls for under $200, like the Aramath line. Some of these sets even come with ball cleaning and care supplies and an extra, marked cue ball for practice play. The marked cue ball helps you learn trick shots and practice precision placement of your stroke. The billiard ball cleaner helps keep chalk and table debris off the balls so they shoot true on every shot. Chalk buildup can ruin even a perfectly placed stroke and keep the ball out of the pocket. You can find a complete professional grade Aramath with cleaner and marked extra cue ball at Pool Hustler without breaking the bank. Whichever balls you choose, don’t be afraid to do a little research to make sure they match your playing style and table speed.

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