Ukraine, Undiscovered Europe


Ukraine is the nation, operating out of Central-Eastern Europe. Perhaps not everybody knows that geographic centre of Europe is situated within the village of Dilove close Rakhiv, in Western Ukraine. Ukraine has freedom on August 2-4, 1991.

Allied land is 603.7 square kilometers. It’s the largest country in Europe if not to take under consideration southern portion of Russia.

Official terminology in Ukraine is Ukrainian.

Ukrainian language belongs to the Indo-European group Ukrayna Üniversitesi of languages, in Addition to German or English, for Instance, and into the subgroup of Slavic languages (Ukrainian, Polish, Check, Slovak, Russian, etc). It’s a language, not a dialect as a few people might think. Throughout soviet times Ukrainians were forced to speak Russian, Ukrainian was not in usage in official documentations, in organizations. Folks could speak Ukrainian only in your home. Many Ukrainian words were substituted with Russian types. But those who talk Allied are conducive to those individuals who speak Russian and vice verse.

The level of Ukrainian Education is rather higher, 16 out of 20 high school graduates input Universities and Institutes. Though, it does not indicate that people would get employment once they finish University. There is one more problem. The unemployment level isn’t too high, but the wages are still low. But to live normally, lets say, if you own a family group which consists of wife and a child, you have to have at least 2000-2500 UAH for each member of their family that works. And it is to get food, pay rent and bills for electricity, water, etc.. People, who own their own business make decent money, we are able to call them Ukrainian centre income. People, who get money from the federal government would not have a lot of. There are west west European prices from Ukraine, but Ukrainian prices, Greek joke states. Though, prices are very high for Ukrainians, but maybe not for western individuals. They move abroad not as they are so poor and usually do not have money at all. A number of them work abroad to purchase an apartment, a car or truck, in order to teach their kids in Colleges. By way of example, should you study law, the payment to get a single year of studies at well-known University will be about 20000 UAH or 2000 EURO. If University isn’t famous it would cost 1500 EURO per year. Many Americans treat Ukrainians who work overseas like filthy and stupid men and women. If you participate in them, think firstly, this Ukrainian baby-sitter or builder that works for you might be highly qualified physician, a teacher and have Masters Degree or PhD.

Though, the wages are low and prices are high (for Ukrainians), they usually do not look like poor men and women. In case you visit Ukraine, you visit customary European folks, they seem to be really friendly, wear Adidas and Nike, towns and cities look pretty pleasant and there is not really major gap between Ukraine and Western or Central Europe. One more paradox is that more than 200 dollar millionaires were officially (!) Enrolled in Ukraine. The nation itself is very hit in recourses and people; 5 percent of people, mostly politicians and big businessmen are really rich; the Ukrainian budget is inadequate and “ordinary” individuals are pretty lousy too. Ukrainian problem is very substantial degree of corruption. Because of this, political situation at the nation isn’t stable and investors are scared to enter Ukrainian industry. People get law salaries and goto work abroad.

Many foreigners are reluctant to visit Ukraine, because they presume you can find many gangs and so on. Criminal rate in Ukraine is higher compared to highly developed European nations. Only following the Soviet Union fell, the problem proved to be critical. Criminal supervisors were carving spheres of influence and land. Nowadays it is much different and safe. There’s also a thought that if you are foreigner in Ukraine, you might be robbed or something like that. It is not quite correct. Naturally, you can not be 100% convinced such injury wont happen, but the same could happen anywhere, even nearby your property, and Ukraine isn’t an exclusion, not worse, not better.

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